The Den is located in Anakie Park, off Anakie Drive in Cornubia. It is situated on an easement behind houses and is not visible from the street, although the location is well signed.


Official Den Opening 1983

Our Den is in a charming nook nestled in front of a wildlife habitat trail and is made of sturdy brick, with spacious floors, and a wide entrance way.

Inside are ample toilets, showers, and a kitchen. At the front is a small oval with flagpole for 6 flags and two large flood lights for the field. To the side across the driveway is a council playground.


There is very limited parking at the Den. We ask for the parents to park on the street and walk their child up to the Den.

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Den Cleaning Roster

The responsibility for den cleaning is shared among parents of our youth members. It is expected that all parents help clean the den once a year. It only takes about 45 minutes  to clean the den.

You will be assigned a date for cleaning which can be viewed via our roster below.  Click here for the latest roster.

 Please view this Den Cleaning Checklist so you are familiar with the required cleaning tasks.

An annual $40 den cleaning levy is given to parents who do not wish to take part in cleaning the den on their rostered dates.

Den – Community Use

The Den is available for short term community use and while we don’t charge a hire fee we do ask for a small donation of a$50 for the first four hours and $15 per hour therafter.

See our Den Hire page for more information.